Monday, January 10, 2011


Yesterday I spent my afternoon drinking on the beach with Kitty. We spent our time sitting on the sand and talking to a stranger about life experiences. Although Kitty did most of the talking, I sat and thought to myself, "What is it that I want to do? Where do I want to go in life?" Listening to my friend speak to a stranger about how to make changes in his life. She gave him great advice, stating "in order for you to change your ways, you must be willing to change the people you hang out with." Which is completely true. I thought of all the friends I've had both past and present and realized that those who have left me behind, did it for a legit reason. Even if they didn't know then that they needed a change, they did. Sometimes being around the same people for years can  keep you from growing universally. Just like if you spend your days listening to the same song repeatedly, you have no knowledge of any other great songs out there. Spending your days with the same people over and over can be great, because you have the sense that someone will always be there when you're lonely. But if being lonely means being able to grow universally, being able to experience different things and seeing different perspectives, I think I'd rather be lonely. I'd rather meet new people, learn their stories and listen to them speak, than sticking with the usual crowd. Keeping the company of a stranger just makes me feel more diverse. It honestly sounds much more appealing than spending my days doing the same things over and over. And don't get me wrong, you can still keep the same friends and make new ones. You don't need to be with someone 24/7 in order for you to be close with them. Actually being apart from someone that you are close to can help your relationship with them grow stronger. I've noticed that the longer you spend time with someone, the more you start regretting them. It's human nature to be afraid of loneliness, but it's also human nature to want to venture off from the pack. So why not get over your fear and venture out into the open? 
I say we all try something new this month. Let's all spend a full day by ourselves. Go on an adventure by ourselves and see where the world takes us. Feel what it is like to be lonely and replacing the feeling of loneliness with the feeling of refreshment.

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